Saturday, September 17, 2011

Uh.  Throat clearing.  Wiggling and stretching of fingers over the keyboard. 
H e l l o. 
Ummm.  Oh my gosh, here goes ...

I'm so excited, I can't stand it.  I'm writing.  And it's OUT there, for the whole world to see. 

Pencil stuck through my ponytail, tunes playing, coffee -- it's time.  Overdue actually. 

I can remember writing very creative short stories as early as third grade.  High school editor-in-chief then on to 'real' newspapers in Arizona, Nevada, California and Washington.  Sportswriter, courthouse-beat reporter, lifestyle editor, city news editor.  Can smell the ink, the rolls of newsprint.  Can hear the tickety-tap of the AP newswire bringing us the latest information. 

When words, emotion, and passion easily flow together -- it's, well, magic! 

Sure, I still have hopes of publishing that best-selling novel someday, BUT, for today, enter Facebook and Blogger. 

As some of you know, a few years ago, cancer shook me right to the core.  Now?  Every day I search for new ways to breathe, discover, dream, enjoy and celebrate -- ahh, the name of this blog.  :) 

What will you find in my blog?  Hopefully something that makes you smile.  Nah, not just a pretend smile -- I mean a real smile.  A smile that starts in your heart and lights up your eyes.  Hopefully you'll find something that inspires you and makes you think or possibly re-think.  Your return notes to my FB posts have been my encouragement to create this space of mine.  You have been my inspiration!  Thank you!

Beth, one of my best friends, recently asked me, "Don't you ever slow down?" 
Ummm, no.  As far back as I can remember, I've never been one to sit still for very long. 
But now, there's a different purpose in my motion. 
Yeah, we still gotta pay the bills, clean the toilet and go to the dentist ... but, if we do this right, we can live and breathe and dance

I hope you'll come back and visit soon.

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  1. So PROUD of you Dawn! You are an inspiration to many; those who have known you for years, those reconnecting with you after years, and those who will become acquainted with you in the years to come. I look forward to the wisdom that continually flows from your heart, onto the pages of this blog, and into mine. I know the impact will be significant. You are a treasure!