Nervously pulling and straightening
my beautiful sky-blue hospital gown.
Waiting my turn to enter the OR
-- an unplanned date with Dr. Surgeon.

Just a week ago, pain meds were softening
the internal gnawing of my gut.
Gotta admit, I thought gall bladder issues
were for (sorry) fat people, older people
and people with diets full of deep-fried junk.
Umm, not me. 
How was it, I was 'broken' again?

Take it easy.  Let your body heal. 
Don't do too much, too soon.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I hear you. 
But here's the thing: I spent many
months unable to do anything. 
Just plain-old walking was difficult. 
Speaking was exhausting
(yes, you read that right :). 

No surprise, muscles, bones and organs,
not being used begin to atrophy. 
Rebuilding after atrophy, is a challenge.
Mending requires energy. 
Positive powerful energy.
Yet, only after accepting we are broken,
can rebuilding happen.

Had read somewhere that a broken bone
often heals stronger than before the injury. 
After some research, I found
the 'myth-busting' article in the New York Times. 

Just like muscle, human bone grows
and strengthens under pressure,
and weakens when barely used.
Initially a callus forms at the break site.
As a result, there may be a brief period
in the healing process when the fracture
site is stronger than the surrounding bone. 
But it soon all equals.

Starting right now. 
Powerful healing energy.
Swirling all around you, through you.
Close your eyes, feel your body from within.
Feel it?  That's the grace of life.
Let the re-building begin, again.