Sunday, October 16, 2011

If You Only Knew ...

I believe simple, random or intentional,
acts of kindness could be THE answer.

Yup, a little kindness, in its most simple form could solve some,
if not all of our big-ticket issues:
Democrats vs. Republicans.
Or Republicans vs. Democrats.  (Man I despise 'election' years!)
This religion vs. that religion.
War.  Wall Street.  World hunger.

None of us will leave this life without a few emotional bumps and bruises. 
On any given day we are surrounded by friends, family and certainly complete strangers who are 'walking wounded' -- we aren't always privy to the pain, fear, or loneliness any of us carry.

I remember the day as if it was yesterday.  Was standing in the express-line at Safeway.  Just a few days after my first chemo infusion.  Didn't look ill.  Didn't necessarily feel ill.  Hair still on my head.  No one could possibly know I was a Stage III cancer patient.

Fella in front of me had more than the 15 items.
Ms. Cashier was not having it.  Mr. Customer became indignant.
Before it got out of hand, I interjected with a smile, "It's okay.  I'm not in any hurry."
The tension eased immediately.  Maybe they too, were dealing with tough issues?

Guess if we all walked around with yellow-stickies of our troubles stuck to our foreheads, maybe compassion and kindness would be easier to give?  Am not always successful, but I try to remind myself, your hurts and life 'owies' aren't always visible on the outside.

Maybe nice guys can finish first?  Maybe not, but I know I'll never regret being nice.

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