Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving, Outside of the Box.

Thanksgiving Day. 
Not far away.
It didn't surprise me when friends suggested
I write about 'being thankful' -- 'giving thanks'.

Seemed simple enough. 
But everytime I tried to write ...
no matter how I tried to put a different 'spin on it' --
well, it all sounded just way too cliche. 

Pretty sure we're all thankful for the
same big ticket items:
family & friends who love us, good health,
jobs, roof over our heads, food on the table. 
Being thankful for what is so obviously 'good stuff'
is really just way too easy. 

So, how about being thankful for all of the
little things we take for granted? 
Hot showers, peanut M&Ms, music,
watercolor paints, apples,
honey bees, laptops, the ocean,
a good hot cup of coffee.
(Insert your list here). 

Let's step outside the box for a minute.
What about being thankful for the darkness in life?

Without some rain, how does one appreciate the warmth of the sun?
Am I thankful for cancer? 
Yes.  I mean, no!  Well, kinda?
I know that sounds crazy.  Unbelievable really.
Please don't misunderstand,
not a ride I want to take again
and I am certainly not thankful
for cancer that has taken friends and family.

The late Gildna Radner
(who died of ovarian cancer
at age 42) said it best:
'If it wasn't for the downside, having cancer would
be the best thing and everyone would want it.'

I am grateful for the glory of life on the other side of my darkness.
Every day is thanksgiving. 
Every day.

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