Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Being in a relationship ...

Webster defines Relationship: A connection, association, or involvement.

Some of my 'summer vacation' personal discovery this year
has focused on relationships.

"In a Relationship" is a status on Facebook. 
Makes me chuckle.
Really? But aren't we all in relationships?

Partners & children.
Friends & family. Co-workers & peers.
The melding of lives.
Evolving. Growing together or growing apart.
Aging. Loving. Giving.
Life is all about 'being in relationships'.

Summer Epiphany: Rare is the relationship that isn't complicated.
Non-existent: A relationship that doesn't require tending,
that doesn't require energy.
All relationships that mean something to us,
should receive our attention and love. 

This should also include how we take care of ourselves,
emotionally and physically.

Unhealthy relationships: toxic & negative. 
Usually full of drama & emotionally draining.

Healthy relationships: refreshing, life-giving & positive.
Meet-in-the-middle, sharing, encouraging, loving.

Pretty clear in black and white, eh?
But, we all know every day life tends to be a tad more gray.

There are those in our lives we can't avoid, then what?
Still a work-in-progress, but, I've decided, if nothing else,
everyone deserves kindness.
I may not invest energy into the relationship,
but, you have my promise, at the very least, to be kind.

Oh, but wait, I'm not even to the best part yet ...
It took many years, (yes, and cancer), to realize:
No matter what, some relationships are just not going to work --
or not be what you'd like them to be.
And that's OKAY.
(Repeat the above paragraph about kindness).

Emotional battle scars, yup, we've all got them. 
Time to put a bandaid on them and move on.
Time and energy is precious --
spend it with those who bring you joy and love.
I've gotten pretty greedy with my time and how I want to enjoy life.
You should too.


  1. You go girl... this is amazing thoughts in black and white that make perfect sense...

    Thanks for sharing your talents, your time and most of all - what makes you tick :)

  2. thanks for your thoughts and thanks for reading!

    really? if i stop banging my head against a wall, it will stop hurting? ha. 'bout time i figured out to stop wasting energy on relationships that don't bring me joy.

    ahhh, the wisdom of us old folks! ha.

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