Friday, December 23, 2011

The Gift, You.

After the search -- time and money spent.
Pretty gold and green wrapping paper. 
Perfect corners, taped just so.
A big red bow ties it all together.
The perfect gift.

But, in this season of generosity,
it isn't the tangible gifts
that mean the most to me at all.

Cancer was not a gift. 
But surviving it and receiving
my second chance at life,
most certainly was.

If there was truly a reason
for the hell I survived,
it was to recognize all the gifts around me. 
And to look within for the gifts
I had to share with others.

Music is a little sweeter. 
Colors are more magnificent.

Listening to the majestic sound
that flows from my son's trumpet.
Sharing a conversation with my daughter
and hearing her infectious laugh.

Sitting on the porch with my
soon-to-be 80-year-old dad.
Watching him smile for no real reason
except to be happy to have me there.

Running for miles, and feeling the wind
and ocean mist kiss my face.
Spending quiet time on my
yoga mat and feeling my breath.

To hold the hand of a patient recently
diagnosed with cancer and let them know,
I understand.  They are not alone.

To breathe in
and breathe out every day.

These are the perfect gifts.

I believe, all of us possess incredible gifts.
Do you know what your gifts are? 
It's time to shine. 
To shine, brighter than the sun, today.

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