Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let there be peace.

Tis the season.
Finding peace during the busiest time of year?
Ironic, eh?

Blinking lights.  Busy sidewalks.
Crowded shopping malls. 
Parties.  Airports.

Our world ...
Craziness on the left. 
Screaming on the right.
And here I am in the middle,
on a treasure hunt,
searching for peace.

Honestly, up until a few years ago,
my internal 'peace well' had not been tapped.
Am pretty sure my family and friends will attest,
internally I was wound up
and coiled tight like a spring. 

Along came my life changer.
OH, now I get it: 
Life without inner peace,
is, well, quite war-like.

Yoga class, helping a patient, or sitting in traffic,
now, every day I am in search of
finding my inner peace. 
Basking in that peace,
is like rain washing over me.

It takes lots of practice.
There are still days when
I let the small stuff get to me. 
But now I know to find my way back. 

Eliminating all negative situations
is nearly impossible. 
War, injustice, hypocrisy still angers me.
But, no matter how small my positive action,
it can make a difference.
Join me?

Peace.  Let it begin with me.

1 comment:

  1. You can not imagine some of the peace you have brought me through you blogs... you are an inspiring and beautiful soul...

    Thank you my dear friend...

    Peace and love be with you !!!